Jump Off the Ladder Prep

I’m taking the “Jump off the Ladder” Challenge with Amanda. And I highly suggest all of you join us in either a big or small way. This can be a huge boost to your mental and emotional well-being, not to mention a possible financial boost. Who’s brave enough to try?
You can see what I’m dumping in the comments of her post. 😉

The Live Simply Blog

Okay folks, who’s in? Jump Off the Ladder begins the day after tomorrow!

If you decide to get involved, let me know in the comments. Sometime around the first week of May, I’ll be putting up a success stories post, and I’d love for you to be in it! Even if you’re already a minimalist, there are always things we can downsize just a bit further. This is an exercise is changing how we think about what we own.

Just to recap, here are the rules:ladder2

Pick one category of items or a money drain, and downsize it to the bare minimum. Here are some examples of what that may look like:

  • Pick one pair of shoes, and put away all of your others.
  • Only wear two types of makeup (i.e. concealer and lip gloss).
  • Only spend money on food, gas, and bills (no shopping, no Starbucks, no Redbox)
  • Put…

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