Liebster Award

Last week, I was nominated by Amanda over at The Live Simply Blog for the unique Liebster Award. I’m very new to blogging, and feel very honored for the recognition of my efforts.

As Amanda explained to me, blogger awards are a lot like chain emails, and a way to spread the word about other note-worthy blogs. I’m tickled pink that anyone considers my blog as note-worthy, and I am equally happy to share with you some of my favorite up and coming blogs.

The Liebster Award is an award that helps us promote new blogs that we enjoy. This award is given to upcoming bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers. “Liebster” is German and means “beloved”. These are the non-compulsory (but definitely good form) rules to follow for this award:

  • Thank the Liebster-winning blogger who nominated you, and link back to their blog:

As I mentioned, Amanda at The Live Simply Blog nominated me. I would love to nominate her back, as I enjoy her blog so much! It’s all about simplifying your life, and I can’t recommend it highly enough, and thank you Amanda!

  • Post 11 facts about yourself:

1. I am married to the most talented musician that I have ever known in real life (and I have a strong suspicion he’s also more talented than many of the famous ones I know)

2. I am the mother of one daughter, one son, and three dogs

3. My favorite “thing” in all the world is Star Trek

4. My favorite Star Trek captain is Captain Archer

5. I love to play Dungeons & Dragons

6. I love comic books, my favorite being ‘The Sandman’ books by Neil Gaiman

7. My heroes are: Gary Gygax, Drizzt Do’urden, Gene Roddenberry, God, JRR Tolkien, Bruce Lee, Stan Lee, Buddha, Bruce Campbell, and Neil deGrasse Tyson (in no particular order)

8. My favorite books and movies are science fiction, fantasy, and martial arts

9. My favorite things to do are: camping in the Pacific Northwest, river rafting, snorkeling in warm, tropical waters, going for walks with my dogs, reading great books, and writing.

10. The thing I’m most afraid of is Chucky, followed by clowns

11. Some people have called me a nerd

  • Answer the 11 questions your nominator asked.

1) What is your proudest memory? As a mother, the standard (and quite honest) answer is that I am most proud of my children. However, that’s expected of all mothers. Aside from that, I’m most proud of the fact that I have actually written a full length book. It doesn’t matter that no one may end up reading it. I did something most people want to do, but few actually do!

2) Who in your family do you best connect with, and why? I connect best with my son, because we are both such nerds.

3) Do you have a place you consider a haven? If so, where/what is it? My haven is my bath tub. It’s like a Calgon commercial in there. Bubbles. Candles. Bath pillow. Fragrance diffuser. Ahhh.

4) If you could get paid to do one thing for the rest of your life, what would you choose? Writing

5) What is one thing about yourself that you would never change? My compassionate and forgiving nature

6) Do you have any unique traditions or celebrations? If so, what are they? I am a master April Fool’s prankster. I mean, elaborate and awesome pranks that people talk about for years on end.

7) What is one event in your life that made you a better person? Another, perhaps, expected answer, but becoming a mother made me the person I always wanted to be

8) What is something you’ve always wanted to do, and why haven’t you done it? The four things I really always wanted to do were get married, have children, write a book, and take my mother to Ireland. I’ve done all four! I just now realized that… how awesome is that?!   😉

9) Do you have a favorite quote or personal motto? If so, what is it? 

10) What year of your life (up to this point) would you live over again?  Last year!

11) What is one thing you did today that made you happy? Hit the “publish” button on the Kindle publishing website!

  • Create 11 questions for your nominees.

1) What are you most afraid of?

2) Do you have a favorite quote or personal motto? If so, what is it?

3) What is the most difficult life event you have experienced?

4) What is the most joyful life event you have experienced?

5) Who are your heroes?

6) What is your favorite “thing” in all the world? People don’t count, and it does not have to be a material “thing”. For example, my favorite “thing” is Star Trek.

7) Do you believe in life on other planets?

8) If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

9) If you answered the phone and a voice on the other end said, “I have a loaded gun to my head. Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t pull the trigger?” How would you respond?

10) What do you think the most important words in the English language are?

11) How do you plan to make the world a better place?

  • Nominate 11 blogs of 200 followers or less who you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been chosen.

Here goes (in no particular order):

Congratulation! I hope this award helps to boost your presence and get your blogs more recognition. I feel that each of you has some fantastic things to contribute, and I can’t wait to follow you into the future!

Depression’s Collateral Damage – Thoughts for and by the hidden victims of depression – those who live with and care for depressed people

Drop Bear Exterminator – A blog about living with bi-polar disorder

Exercise…Eat…Rest…Repeat – Judy shares her passion for health, fitness and wellness. So many wonderful posts about getting healthy!

The Existentialist Humanist – Musings on everything existentialist and humanist.

Black Trekkie – Talking ‘Bout Black Rights In Space!

A Guy With Depression – A blog on living with depression

Neuro Notes- – — it’s about the brain; it’s about the environment; it’s about being human.

Gemma Utting – Cultivating great relationships with family, friends and self

Meditation and Wellness – Articles and anecdotes for Wellness in everyday life

Help To Hope – Encouragement for parents of teens in crises

Mirror Girl – Insights and inspiration from a psychologist

  • Display the Liebster Award logo.

You can either pick one, or make your own! I picked my favorite from Google images.

Help is available 24/7 at the ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

All proceeds from the sale of my book, Letting Go, are being donated to The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. For more information about the Lifeline, click on the image above. Every year, the Lifeline saves thousands of lives, and they need OUR support! Read reviews and the first 10k words of Letting Go by clicking on the image below.

Letting Go: When Dan put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger he thought it would all be over. But he soon learns that in death, just like in life, you don’t always get what you want. Letting go is a character-driven narrative exploration of grief, mental illness, suicide, regret, and letting go of things that cannot be changed. It is based on the author’s real life experiences after her fiance committed suicide.

Praise for Letting Go:

~ If I ever know a person in the future who loses someone to suicide, or even talks about suicide this book will be in their hands as quickly as I can get it to them.

 ~ This was a beautiful, sorrowful, touching story.

 ~ I lost one friend to suicide and this book gave me an insight into what he was thinking at the time. Heartbreaking to read but hopefully this book will help anyone contemplating suicide.

~ Carrie Lange writes with the soul of a poet telling a beautiful and haunting story of love, loss, and the redemption of life.



19 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. “5. I love to play Dungeons & Dragons
    6. I love comic books, my favorite being ‘The Sandman’ books by Neil Gaiman
    7. My heroes are: Gary Gygax, Drizzt Do’urden, Gene Roddenberry, God, JRR Tolkien, Bruce Lee, Stan Lee, Buddha, Bruce Campbell, and Neil deGrasse Tyson (in no particular order)”

    Our friendship is DESTINY. I had no idea you were such a kindred spirit! 😀

  2. haha, no wonder we love each other so much! 😉 Then you are one of the few people I know who can truly appreciate that I got to go to all 3 days of the Emerald City Comicon a couple weeks ago. 🙂

  3. haha, yes, lets!!! I am so mad a WotC right now, that I’ve been considering making the switch to Pathfinder! I had pretty much JUST finally bought all the 4e books when they announced the new Next… grrr. I had enjoyed 3.5, but grudgingly moved to 4e and found I like it well enough. But since Pathfinder is basically 3.5 and their rule set hasn’t changed in years, it’s very tempting! Who knows, I suppose as long as they keep supporting the Character Builder for 4e and people keep playing it, it’s all good. By the way, you should appreciate this then, at the Comicon, i met Larry Elmore and he signed all my original Red Box books and first edition Dragonlance “Chronicles” books! 😛

    • Yowza! Hang onto those – they could be worth a good bit before long! (Wait… what am I saying? The camaraderie and lateness have weakened me! Haha)
      I know what you mean about 3.5. I have a lovely half-elf geomancer stuck at lvl 9. Once in a while we break the old stuff back out, but all of our friends here only play 4e. *sigh*

  4. Thank you very much for the nomination, Carrie! As a pretty new blogger, it’s so gratifying to know that what we’re putting out there is actually touching someone. You’re awesome, and we’re very proud to accept the nomination. 🙂 Can’t wait to get started!

    • Your blog will speak right to the heart of so many people and give them encouragement and support in their struggles caring for a person with depression. Keep doing what you do, and thank you! 😉

  5. I feel so honored that you nominated me for the Liebster Award. Thank you. Congratulations on your award. The best part about these awards is that you get the opportunity to learn a little more about fellow bloggers. That’s so cool that you are a Trekkie. Love it. I grew up on the original series. I’ve never been much into hero worship but I have to say that you and Neil deGrasse Tyson are my heroes.

    Carrie, you inspire many people, and I feel so fortunate that our paths have crossed. Your blog is helping me to open up and share on a more personal basis. Stay tuned. *wink* I don’t consider myself a writer by any stretch and horrible at proofing. I am a visionary who feels challenged in articulating what I see in my minds eye, but the puzzle pieces are throughout my blog. Hopefully, the research and articles I’ve posted will start to make sense as I connect the dots in future posts. As Wilder Penfield so eloquently stated, “The brain is the organ of destiny. It holds within its humming mechanism secrets that will determine the future of the human race.”

    With people like you and Neil deGrasse Tyson in our world, the future is bright.

    *leaves a Voluspa Crisp Champagne candle and California Baby Aromatherapy Bubble Bath*

    ♥ ~Victoria

  6. aww, you SWEET thing. 🙂 You absolutely deserve the recognition, and whether you know it or not, there is a writer in you. Your words are inspirational, courageous, and life affirming! bubble baths…ahhh… can’t wait to read your answers and nominations! keep doing what you do, dear! 😉

  7. The Leibster Award looks like fun – I’ll come up with my 11 nominees and post this on. I love your answers – it does feel good to get to know one another at this deeper level. Thanks Carrie. I am now following you, will follow Live Simply (long been a fan of this appraoch) and have fun checking on all the blogs you’ve nominated.

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