How do I talk to my spouse about the possibility of depression?

Wonderful post about helping a depressed spouse. This blog is devoted to those supporting a depressed loved one. Check them out!

Depression's Collateral Damage

Getting your spouse to discuss the possible presence of depression is no small feat. Many times when Bern and I have led groups or offered presentations, the most difficult question to tackle is “How do I get my husband to even hear me?” And yes, it is almost always a woman asking about her husband, rather than the other way around.

This past week when we met with the support group we lead, a new friend joined us. And she asked the big question. She was considering the fact that her husband was self-medicating with alcohol, that fact that he has a family history of bipolar disorder, the fact that his sleep regimen is a complete wreck…over all, she was adding two and two and coming up with a “four” that made her feel very concerned. Combine all this with the fact that her husband refuses to see any kind…

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6 thoughts on “How do I talk to my spouse about the possibility of depression?

  1. My spouse and I didn’t really talk about my depression too much, until I tried to commit suicide and we began our divorce. But my current relationship is very open when it comes to discussing my mental illness. It’s very loving.

  2. QUITE a timely piece. My other half doesn’t relate well to me or what I have had to deal with over the past decade (personal tragedies, job losses, health issues involving chronic & severe pain, death of parent) and just this week he made a dr. appt. for me because ‘something’s just not right’ with me…duh! Of course, being as he’s had a pretty fortunate and charmed life, he really cannot avail himself a true listening ear, one that “gets it” and yes, I am depressed. I am not nuts. Just in need of a way to constructively cope with all that I have to carry at the moment. I will agree, it isn’t easy to admit when you are having coping issues..especially when everyone seems to look to you as the ‘glue’ holding the whole family together during tough times. Thanks so much for your wonderful post and the resourceful site.

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