In Memory of Daniel Rieske


Dan – the trauma of losing you has passed. But the grief of missing you, and my love for you, is just as strong as ever.

It’s been 13 years today since I lost my fiance, Dan Rieske, to Clinical Depression. He had a potentially fatal disease, yet he refused to seek medical treatment because our society told him it wasn’t a physical illness but a weakness of character. He was ashamed by his illness because the world around him told him he should be ashamed.


My daughter also has a mental illness, and the same society that drove Dan to suicide also tells her the same thing. “It’s all in your head” “You’re such a weirdo” “You just want attention” “You need to get off all that medication and find out what the real problem is” “Everyone gets depressed, you just need to learn better coping skills”

Hey society, we know what the problem is – a chemical imbalance in the brain. Dan and my daughter and everyone else with a mental illness have no more reason to be ashamed than a person with Alzheimer’s, or brain cancer, or Parkinson’s disease, or any other physical disability in their brain.

Our society is the one who should be ashamed. Every person who has ever questioned my parenting skills, or my daughter’s character, or pushed me for the “real” reason Dan committed suicide – should be ashamed.


End the stigma of mental illness.


5 thoughts on “In Memory of Daniel Rieske

    • Hi, good to see you are still here! So much has gone on in this crazy life of mine… time to get back to doing the things I want to do. hope you are doing well and we will be able to catch up! 🙂

  1. I worked with Dan, he was doing very well on his job even made assistant art director and was very happy we all heard he was ebgaged the next we heard he was dead. hmmmmmmm!!!!

    • awww. I remember that day I called him at work several times and talked to a man who kept telling me he wasn’t there yet. And I freaked out a little bit on the phone. And Jeff was in a meeting, so I started freaking out even more. I talked to Jeff when he got out of his meeting, and he was like, “Carrie, he’s here at work somewhere” and I was like, “No, he’s not!” Poor Jeff was the one who drove out to check on Dan. Yes, we were going to get married at Graceland and as a matter of fact, we were both supposed to go to Jeff’s wedding just a couple weeks after he died. People hide things so well. He hated that job so much, he said it was destroying his soul. He was going to quit and move in with me. We had just signed a lease agreement…i had been saving boxes… I will never understand what happened… thanks for sharing your memory of him.

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