Bruce Campbell ~ Why We Love Him

The only man who’s man enough to reload his double barreled shot gun with a chainsaw.


I know, this post is a little off topic, but anyone can use a good chuckle from time to time.  😉


Fighting Depression With Humor – I Shall Eat Your Soul!

OK… another tortoise inspired funny. We welcomed Borris the Russian tortoise into our family this week. What an amazing little guy! This is not him, but I will post a picture of him soon.  Be happy, everyone!  =D

Fighting Depression With Humor – Slow Down!

Today’s post is inspired by my son’s quest to get his first “for my very own pet” – a Russian Tortoise. We have been gathering materials and building his habitat the last couple of days, and next week, we will welcome Boris the Blade into our family!

Now I’m off to clean out my pantry! I’m following through on the Jump Off The Ladder Challenge by Amanda over at The Live Simply Blog!

So much stuff that needs to go! I’m feeling happier already!  😉