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The Trials of Life

A lot has happened since I originally started this blog. My mother’s Alzheimer’s developed to the point that she had to move in with me. My daughter’s mental health issues also worsened, to the point I had to let he drop out of high school in the middle of 10th grade this year. I am fortunate enough to be able to work full time from home, but the challenges of doing so while also caring for an ungrateful and demanding dementia patient and a teenage girl with major depressive disorder and anxiety disorder are, to say the least, daunting. Not to mention the husband, son, 3 dogs, varying number of rats, and 1 tortoise that need caring for. Needless to say, my hands have been full!

I haven’t had time to devote to my beloved Blog, or Twitter. I have still kept busy on my Facebook page, though not as active as I would hope to be. I hope to be able to get active on my Blog again in the future, but that future is pretty muddy. In the meantime, please visit my Facebook page. You can also connect with me directly on Facebook. You can find the link along the side over there ==>>>

Also, remember, the digital version of my book is free forever now. You can find it on just about every e-reader platform available, I believe. Check over there ==>>  for links to all the various ways to down load it. The paper back edition is as cheap as I can make it and I know it’s available at Amazon, Create Space, and Barnes and Noble.

Peace to everyone!

Carrie  🙂


In Memory of Daniel Rieske


Dan – the trauma of losing you has passed. But the grief of missing you, and my love for you, is just as strong as ever.

It’s been 13 years today since I lost my fiance, Dan Rieske, to Clinical Depression. He had a potentially fatal disease, yet he refused to seek medical treatment because our society told him it wasn’t a physical illness but a weakness of character. He was ashamed by his illness because the world around him told him he should be ashamed.


My daughter also has a mental illness, and the same society that drove Dan to suicide also tells her the same thing. “It’s all in your head” “You’re such a weirdo” “You just want attention” “You need to get off all that medication and find out what the real problem is” “Everyone gets depressed, you just need to learn better coping skills”

Hey society, we know what the problem is – a chemical imbalance in the brain. Dan and my daughter and everyone else with a mental illness have no more reason to be ashamed than a person with Alzheimer’s, or brain cancer, or Parkinson’s disease, or any other physical disability in their brain.

Our society is the one who should be ashamed. Every person who has ever questioned my parenting skills, or my daughter’s character, or pushed me for the “real” reason Dan committed suicide – should be ashamed.


End the stigma of mental illness.

Happy Friday the 13th!

Click here for information about the origins of the Friday the 13th Myth: Friday the 13th history

The insurance agent and mom in me can’t resist saying: Everyone have a great day and BE SAFE!  🙂