Daily Gratitude- Day 13

From one of the most inspiring blogs I follow. Judy is helping this chubby middle aged woman get in shape! Judy, today I am grateful for YOU! 😉


The Gratitude Challenge

gratitude day13Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness  is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and  gratitude.

Denis Waitley 

What are you grateful for today?

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Carrie Lange, Author Of ‘Letting Go’

Here’s a great book review blog that featured me today! 🙂

I Love To Read

“Several years ago I was engaged to a man named Dan. At the time, I was 29 years old, no longer a child by anyone’s standards. It wasn’t blind puppy love, or infatuation. I had already been married once, and had a 3-year-old daughter.

Dan was to me, the most perfect man I had ever met. He was financially and emotionally stable. He had a job, a car, an apartment, and plans for a bright future. In the year that we were together, we never fought, indeed, I never saw any hint of emotional or psychological trouble.

One day, quite unexpectedly, I got a phone call from his sister. He was in the hospital. He had cut both wrists and been found, very close to death, in his apartment.

He had surgery to repair the physical wounds, and spent a week in the hospital’s psych ward to heal the emotional wounds. All…

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Comment With All Kinds Of Unique or New Forms of Poetry

Expressing yourself through writing poetry is a wonderful way to be happy! And you don’t have to be E.B. Browning, just write what you feel!

My 4th grade son had a unit on writing poetry. one assignment was where we each write down 3 random nouns and 3 random adjectives. Then we trade and each have to write a poem with all those words. It was SO fun! Here is the poem i wrote from the words he gave me. I capitalize the words i was given:

Oh, PIG!


Where did you come from?


With your EXTREME girth

You shake the earth.

And you play the PIANO, too!

Spontaneous Creativity

I have seen Wordle poems, what are some other types of interesting or even new forms of poetry y’all have seen around? 

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Trick to get huge audio book discounts

I love you, sir. Really… I…Love…You… 😉 I discovered the joy of audio books when I had and hour and a half bus commute to work. Then I realized they are perfect for helping me get to sleep. this is so perfect, can’t wait to try this “trick”. My Kindle is already one of my favorite things, now it’s gonna be even better! =D

Brian P. Kayser

I’ve just recently found that I love audio books.  I figured they were for the hearing impaired or for workers with long commutes.  My commute is only about 15 minutes to work.  However, when working to produce the audio book for The Curse of Europa, I figured I should listen to an audio book or two.  Now I’m hooked!!  Even though my commute is only 15 minutes, that is still a good 30 minutes a day.  If I go to lunch I may listen again in my car, or take headphones and listen while I eat.  It’s great because it’s hard to find time to read and it is easy now to plug reading into time that is otherwise “wasted”, such as driving a car.

On our trip to Florida (driving from Michigan), it was great.  It kept me awake better than the radio.  Even laying in the sun.  Sure, you can…

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:: The Path ::

Love, love, love this photo



When you find your path in life,

you must not be afraid.

You need to find the courage to make mistakes, be disappointed, get hurt, lose, defeated and face despair.

These are the tools that God gives and uses to show use the way in life.


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