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Comment With All Kinds Of Unique or New Forms of Poetry

Expressing yourself through writing poetry is a wonderful way to be happy! And you don’t have to be E.B. Browning, just write what you feel!

My 4th grade son had a unit on writing poetry. one assignment was where we each write down 3 random nouns and 3 random adjectives. Then we trade and each have to write a poem with all those words. It was SO fun! Here is the poem i wrote from the words he gave me. I capitalize the words i was given:

Oh, PIG!


Where did you come from?


With your EXTREME girth

You shake the earth.

And you play the PIANO, too!

Spontaneous Creativity

I have seen Wordle poems, what are some other types of interesting or even new forms of poetry y’all have seen around? 

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Kraken, The Early Years


Original art by: Barak Ashraf. Prints available here.