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Donation Of My Proceeds To The Suicide Prevention Lifeline

ba5fb-suicide-prevention-logo-1I have meant to do this for a while, but have not had a lot of free time to devote to my blog. I’ve spent quite a bit of time on Facebook, just because it’s faster. But, with the recent and tragic death of Robin Williams to suicide, I felt it was now the time to act.

I am attaching my tax documents to verify my “profits” from the sale of my book. The book was only for sale through Amazon as Kindle e-book, or a paper back book.

20140813_131443 20140813_131431 20140813_131419

On paper, I made $99.36. In actuality, I didn’t earn any profits, because I spent slightly more than that amount on publishing it, lol.  🙂

That’s fine by me, however! Today, I donated $150.00 to The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in memory of Daniel Rieske, who my book is lovingly dedicated to. I do also have a recurring donation of $20.00 per month, which I’ve been donating for over eight years now in his memory.

20140813_141108I will be setting the book’s price to free…just as soon I figure out how to do that on Amazon. Of course, I can’t set the paper back book to free, but I will set it to the lowest point I can.

If you, or someone you know needs help, please call the Lifeline. They are there for you 24/7. Your life matters. No one will be better off without you, even if it may seem otherwise.