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Today is World Suicide Prevention Day ~ Light a Candle near a Window at 8 PM


September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day.  The Little Blog of Letting Go, the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) and the World Health organization (WHO) are encouraging people to light a candle near a window at 8 PM to show support for suicide prevention, to remember a loved one lost through suicide, and for the survivors of suicide.

Lighting a Candle near a Window at 8 PM offers people who cannot participate in a World Suicide Prevention Day event the opportunity to observe the Day in a private and personal way. Visit the official website here: IASP – World Suicide Prevention Day

The theme of World Suicide Prevention Day this year is “Stigma:  A Major Barrier to suicide Prevention.”  Suicide is one of the leading causes of death in the world, especially among young people. Nearly one million people worldwide die by suicide each year. This corresponds to one death by suicide every 40 seconds. The number of lives lost each year through suicide exceeds the number of deaths due to homicide and war combined. These staggering figures do not include nonfatal suicide attempts which occur much more frequently than deaths by suicide.

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World Suicide Prevention Day

Spread the word, help end the stigma, you can save a life. September 10th – World Suicide Prevention Day

Suicide – How to Save Yourself

The closest I ever came to committing suicide involved holding a loaded gun to my head. It was a few weeks after my fiancée, Dan, had committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. When my finger touched the trigger, it was pure exhilaration. There was no sadness, no despair, no darkness. It was pure joy. When I began to increase the pressure on the trigger, everything that had ever been in my life just opened up and fell away from me.

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Post #100 ~ Part 1~ My Re-dedication to Suicide Prevention

Wow, it’s so hard for me to believe I’m already at my 100th post! I’ve come a long way, and learned more than I thought possible about blogging, social media, self-publication, and the delicate art of raising public awareness. But now, I think my 100th blog post gives me the perfect moment to step back from all that “promoting” and simply re-dedicate myself to you, my readers, and to “my cause”.

I would like to renew my vows, as it were ~ to Suicide Prevention and Grief Support. My passion for suicide prevention is dedicated to Dan Rieske, my fiancée who killed himself several years ago. My passion for grief support is dedicated to…myself…who was so over come by her grief, that she almost committed suicide herself. In this way, Dan and I are still walking side by side ~ hand in hand ~ to try and make the world a better place.

First up: Suicide Prevention. There is an alarming trend in the world for people to attach a stigma to mental illness, including Depression, Self-harm, Anxiety Disorder, OCD, eating disorders, and all the others. This is one of the reasons those suffering from these physical ailments do not receive the proper medical treatment that they need. Mental illness is often viewed as a weakness of character, rather than a physical abnormality in the brain.


The images above are just a few examples of how mental illness is rooted in the physical condition of the brain. In the same way a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, or Alzheimer’s is made ~ through brain imaging ~ can any other kind of brain disorder, ie: mental illness, be diagnosed.

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Last Day Of Mental Health Month

Today is the last day of Mental Health Month. Have you done your part to end the stigma? By now, I hope we all realize that mental illness is a medical condition NOT a weakness. Together, we CAN make a difference in this world.